Final project:

So for my project I want to focus on Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Both of these men have been advocates of internet privacy and agree that our personal rights are being invaded. I would like to actually draw attention to Snowden’s Ted Talk which he did through a computer and how he said that it’s time that a Magna Carta be created for the internet.

Overall my topic will be about our internet use and what should and should not be kept private. We are giving up freedom so readily in the hopes that it will give us more protection but are those results even occurring anymore.

We even see companies who are either giving up our own information or being hacked by our own government so that everything we do can be tracked now. Are many of these things even legal?

I’m not too sure how I’m going to approach the presentation as of now but I have the topic in mind already. I feel that a long paper discussing these violations will drag on and not capture the readers attention so I will try to create something a bit more interactive.


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