Daily Create:  Response blog: your choice of passage, character, action.

After reading the novel I think back to the character Mae. We know companies that are similar to the Circle but of course not as drastic. These companies always employ young adults and it makes sense that Mae was chosen. Being so young the company is able to mold you into anything they want. Mae, being so young, was basically fully immersed in this brand new life which allowed her the opportunity that people work there whole life for. They are able to show her all these new gadgets, help her parents through the company insurance, and feed into the idea of being the center of attention.

As Mae continues on we see her opinion of the Circle changing. At first she is reluctant about being in a lifestyle where her every move needs to be put out on the internet. Eventually she goes so far as to have her every waking move being watched by anyone with access to the internet. It’s interesting to see how she loses her own idea and become “transparent.” Mae is described as the face of the Circle eventually and her life is only about this new life.

At the end of the novel I definitely felt like I disliked Mae because she allowed herself to pretty much be a product of the Circle. 


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