Daily Create:  Blog on one of the aphorisms in The Circle


“Privacy is theft”

If we keep an idea to ourselves is it really theft? To say theft means that there must have been ownership to an idea. I don’t think that any idea can be owned by any one person but there are limits to these things. I don’t feel it necessary to express every waking moment in hopes for likes or comments. I believe that if I need to keep any single thought to myself that it isn’t theft.

Let us look at it from any other direction. A scientist has discovered the cure for cancer and decides to keep that information to himself. He then decides to sell this information to any one country for the highest bid. He is pretty much robbing the world of a cure.

There is definitely a fine line to what we should be sharing and not. Currently I don’t think people know what should be shared and what not so they decided that nothing should ever be kept private. Maybe we need to start teaching privacy and what should and should not be shared. There is nothing wrong with keeping private but to have knowledge that would benefit everyone and not share it might be theft.

Overall this may bring up a different question for the future. Will keeping an idea private ever become illegal?


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