Dave Egger’s The Circle

There were multiple connections I made as I read through the circle that were kind of creepy.

The first one occurred when the class mentioned that this company, which is trying to connect the world, is cult-like. This brought to mind Apple and the “Cult of Apple.” It was brought up a few years that the part of the brain used during religious acts is also used when Apple enthusiast attend grand openings or see Apple ads. This brings to mind that Apple performs like a cult similar to how people feel about The Circle. The name of the novel itself made me think of Apple’s soon to be second campus which is actually I. The form of a huge circle.

This sounds crazy as I’m writing this but another connection I pulled from the book is when Mae heard the idea of a tracker which was at designed to be implanted under the skin and research was done to implant it into the brain. In the book the purpose of this device was to keep track of lost children which I’m sure we would all agree is a great idea but what happens when it gets pushed for an older crowd. Realistically this device would take years to get approved but for now we have RFID chips. These little devices, the size of a grain of rice, are currently will soon be added to products such as packages of foods and anything with an expiration date. The purpose of this is to confirm that products are hitting the shelves before they expire.

As we continue to discuss the book we are continually finding connections between this creepy “dystopian” universe to the world we live in right now.


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