Digital stories

From the list of digital stories, I think the most interesting one is the Science of Storytelling. There is definitely a way to tell every story so that you are able to keep your audience engaged. Doing it wrong would probably put the crowd to sleep. It’s interesting how the article says that to better convey any message we should tell them as a story. When a message is told as a story it engages certain parts of the brain that relate to the story. So speaking of man running to get to work would engage the part of the brain responsible for motor functions. The article also says that stories are better remembered. This is definitely true. In some of the classes I’ve experienced in St. John’s I find myself in auto pilot. I wouldn’t really be interacting with the class but just be a blank and almost lifeless observer not aware of what is really going on. I believe that teaching methods need to be updated because of this. There are definitely better ways to teach that would keep a student in a constant mode of paying attention. Some teachers haver updated there methods and we can see students actually enjoying and communicating in class rather than just blending into the background.


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