Daily Create: Write a blog post about your daily Internet go to. What is part of your daily routine and why? What would life be like without it?

My daily internet go to sites consist of first reading the news which I read from either from Yahoo news or BBC. Both these sites allow me to pick and choose what I want to read relating to the news. Along with these sites I also browse reddit which carries both news and entertainment information. The great thing about reddit is that it is user based so when it comes to something like the news you would most likely see first hand accounts. Aside from these sites, I also may browse sites such as hulu or netflix since I don’t really watch tv anymore. Without these sites I think all the things I would want to know would take a lot longer to find out. The newspaper and news channels are very limited on what they show. They only have so much amount of space so to what I might be interested in knowing may not be available right at the moment. This is why I prefer using the internet for such activities. It provides a quick access to any type of knowledge we would need to know.


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